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The 'Howling' tableau is a large scale and atmospheric, vertical and epic mural art print, of an original watercolor painting, produced as a limited edition of 100.

Printed on an airy and unique, tear proof, matte scroll paper, it can be affixed with minimal magnets or clips, so that it can be moved around whenever suits.

As an art piece, it can be placed on any wall in a nursery corner, playroom, or living room, to transform it into a space which inspires daydreaming, storytelling, and connecting with your child. The print consists of all unique imagery which ambles and flows, without a repeat, in other words, one long epic piece of art full of discovery.

Combine mural prints and the smaller tableau formats from different collections to continue building your story.


Width: 110 cm (approx 43")
Height: 110 cm (approx 43")

Printed on a sustainable and unique Matte and airy Scroll Paper, made from recycled, tear-proof material both elegant and hard-wearing.

Also available in a selection of exclusive fabrics:

-Organic cotton Eco friendly, toxin free, delicately woven untreated cotton fabric

-Silk -100% genuine, natural silk satin, luxurious and lightweight custom made 85gsm silk fabric

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All prints are made to order.

Custom paper, sizes, and compositions always welcome

Each print is signed on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Wholesale inquiries welcome

Made in Berlin

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