Our Concept

Ciao Coyote offers exquisitely illustrated, handcrafted art prints for your child’s room—innovative wall art, inspired by children, designed to evoke the wonders of the natural world and the playful mysteries of the animal spirit. Each print is lovingly produced in a limited edition and made to order, digitally printed with archival inks on museum-quality fine art paper or high quality recycled tear-proof scroll paper. They range in scale, from large atmospheric tapestry sized formats, to smaller poster-sized art prints (perfect for gifts!). Also available in a selection of lovely fabrics such as organic cotton, or a luxurious silk satin.

Ciao Coyote is a living, evolving collaborative project, devoted to the idea of making thought-provoking, challenging, and stimulating fine art for kids that taps directly into the cosmic wanderings of childhood. Upcoming collections feature the work of established artists, parents themselves, commissioned to design their own animal fairytales. Our innovative concept challenges the taboo entrenched in the art world that parenthood, motherhood in particular, occupies a separate sphere from art making, when in fact they share so many common roots. Ciao Coyote’s prints offer intelligent, substantive, and sustainable art for growing, curious minds.  

Inspired by the ancient tradition of visual storytelling, begun with the cave paintings of Lascaux, and the ageless practice of using images as language to tell stories about the world—something our children are inherently expert at—our mission is to bring fine art into your child’s life, to nourish his or her growing mind with evocative images, and to seed a lifelong interest in the art of looking. Our prints are supple spaces of creative projection, where your child’s imagination can wander freely, in all its beautiful wildness and joy, as it explores the expressive animal environments featured in our collections. Imagine our paintings as creative sparks that light an ever-changing story shared between you and your child, a narrative thread woven nightly as you gaze together at the magical creatures in their native landscapes, uniquely painted with the grace and expertise of the fine artist.

Our Story


Ciao Coyote was founded by the acclaimed artist Alisa Margolis in 2017 in Berlin, Germany, as a small, independent company devoted to making fine art for children that speaks directly to, and encourages, their boundless curiosities. Our prints help develop visual literacy, and empower a child’s own natural inquisitiveness by providing a canvas for the limitless play of the imagination and its dialogues. The concept for the company began while Alisa was pregnant, and wanting already to begin telling her child stories about the world. As a painter, her language is a visual one. This sparked in Alisa, an interest in the universal practice of visual storytelling, begun with the ancient figurative cave painters of Lascaux and Chauvet, and the question of how, working artists and image-makers might harness the power of art and creative expression to further nurture the boundlessness of childhood, to open it up instead of closing it off, and to create a meaningful, sustainable dialogue between image and child that is enduring and lifelong.

Ciao Coyote Collections

child drawing by howling mural wall art

Cunning foxes, luminous starfish, soaring owls, howling, prowling wolves and bold, leaping leopards, oh my! Close your eyes and envision a wild world of capering, dancing spirit animals come alive—tigers, lions, and gazelles marauding across the Savannah, flying across its plains, a riot of color and line, wild fawns and foals cavorting in the woodlands, the regal wolf arched to the moon, his pack singing in unison, birds of prey rising above, their pulsating movements a symphony of brush strokes. Foxes leap and dive; owls circle a crescent moon; mama bears cuddle their cubs. Ciao Coyote brings each of these vital stories to life in settings of your child’s own making, canopies of beautiful wild beasties loosely based on habitats around the globe, to inspire their nocturnal dreams or their daytime, playtime wanderings.

Available in 7 themes
Foxes   -   Savannah   -   Howling   -   Woodlands   -   Jungle   -   Aqua   -   Polar